Technical FAQ

What certifications does your central station have?
UL Listed and CSAA Five-Diamond Certified Central Station.

What type of redundancy does your central station have?
Fully hot redundant, mirrored and 100% fault tolerant. Redundant communication paths - network, radio, Internet, wireless and dial-up.

What formats do you accept?
All industry formats.

What are your back-up systems?
Hot redundant backup computer system for all receivers and communication equipment. Uninterruptible power supplies with standby generators and backup battery bank. Advanced disaster management protocols.

What is eLink and how does it work?
The DICE *eLink system allows secure, encrypted connections over the Internet. The system allows dealers, central stations, accounting and service departments to access and modify their account data at any time.

What is the response time for answering a call?
We answer all calls within 2 rings.

What training do your operators have?
All of our operators are 5-Star Certified by CSAA and SIA certified, and the training never stops. Our operators participate in our year-round training program.

Can your operators answer basic alarm questions?
Yes, our operators are trained to answer a wide variety of questions on several topics.

Do you have term contracts?
We do not have term contracts.